Why are we at a different venue this year? Theatre venues in NC are not all back open and running yet at a capacity that is “do-able” for making our shows happen in a timely and financially smart manner. We will be back at The High Point Theatre, as normal, in 2022.

What is the new “performance package” fee? Usually, when we are at the theatre, we sell individual tickets for all audience members at each show you attend. These run $15 each, per show, plus taxes and fees tacked on by the ticket box office, which equate to another $2-$3 per ticket. So, for a set of 4 tickets like we are offering you per show your student is in, would normally run you around $70 each show. Since we are limited to the amount of guests that can attend our shows this year, our performance package guarantees that your family can have a certain amount of attendees, while keeping costs down and making sure we have enough seats for everyone. Our performance package includes the recital venue fee, video of your child’s routine(s) to share with family, a recital t-shirt for each dancer with the cast list on back, and a socially distanced “pod” of 4 seats for each show you have a child in. (Over age 2 must have a seat at all shows.) The performance package is $50 for families with 1 child, and $85 for families with 2+ children. It will charge to the account you have on file on April 30th. **If state gathering guidelines change before our show and we can safely add additional seating, we will open that up for purchase at a later date**

What COVID safety precautions are being taken?

1. Small, separated shows to keep gathering numbers down. Most shows have between 10-15 dancers, with no more than 20 students max in each show. Most shows only have one class per show. If there are multiple classes in one show, it means that it was the majority of the same dancers in those classes, or the combined classes were small.

2. Sanitizing stations throughout the venue and upon entrance. 

3. Seat “pods” distanced in family groups of four.

4. We will follow all state mask guidelines at the time of our performances for students, staff and audience members. *Updated: Masks do not have to be worn by dancers while performing since we are outside under a tent* 

5. As always, please stay home if you are sick or have been exposed.

  What is the difference between dress rehearsal and stage rehearsal, and will there be a stage rehearsal this year? As usual, we will be having IN-STUDIO DRESS REHEARSAL the week of June 7-11 DURING REGULAR CLASS TIME at the dance studio location where you normally take class. Have your student come dressed in their costume that week (and bring all others they have for that specific class time). The classroom mirrors will be covered during this week as well so that students can get used to dancing without seeing themselves, and as they will for an audience. You do not need to worry about any specific hair or makeup for in-class dress rehearsal, we just need to make sure there aren’t any costume problems or malfunctions while dancing.

We WILL NOT be having a STAGE REHEARSAL at the venue this year because of the way that shows are split up much smaller by class. While the shows will still be of professional quality and a very special event, they are much more relaxed than in a theatre and there is no need for that extra practice. This helps cut down on the amount of time spent at the venue since we are already there a full week for shows this year.

Do we need makeup for recital and how do we wear our hair?  Yes, we prefer that all students (even our youngest dancers) wear some makeup for performances, as this is part of being “stage ready” and makes it a special event! It can be especially hard to see specific features and tell dancers apart on video (since they are all wearing the same thing) so we want to be able to see their beautiful faces! We do, of course, want them above all to still look like kids, and if this is something you don’t feel comfortable with for your dancer, we totally understand! Hair can be worn however you would like, as long as it is secured back out of the face (unless you are a competitive team member – then it needs to be worn as you normally do for stage).

When will my dancer receive their costumes? Costumes will be given out in classes starting in May as they all finish arriving and are sorted.

What time do we need to arrive for each show our dancer is in?  Because of having multiple shows this year and quick turnaround between shows, there isn’t a lot of extra time for late arrivals and we WILL keep to our performance schedule. If you are late, you will miss your show. All dancers will need to arrive about 15 minutes before your show time completely dressed and ready in your costume with hair and any makeup already done. Please wait outside of the venue when you arrive (there is a covered porch if it is especially hot) until we dismiss the performance before you, clean, and then welcome you in. At that time, families will get seated in their “pods” and dancers will put their stuff in the dressing area. One (female) adult will be able to go into the dressing area with each dancer if they have any costume changes. Please make sure to bring your dance bag with all shoes and any additional costumes!

How long will the recital be?  Each show, from start to finish, will be no longer than 30 minutes unless multiple classes are combined in a single show. In that case, the show might run closer to the 45 minute mark, but will be no longer than an hour total. At each show, dancers will also receive their yearly awards at the end that we normally give out in class during Parent Observation.

Will there be recital merchandise for sale, and if I order recital merchandise, when do I pick that up?  Recital t-shirts, keepsake program yearbooks, recital trophies, stuffed animals, etc. will be available for pre-order starting in April. Items will be available for pickup inside the venue on your recital day – you just give your child’s name to pick them up. It’s up to you when you give them to your student. Recital video downloads will be available about 2 weeks after the show.

Any other questions? Email is the easiest way to reach us during this busy time of year.