As listed in our annual calendar and sent in our important date reminders, Recital Costume Pictures will be taken at the Oak Ridge Studio Campus on Friday, May 17 & Saturday, May 18! Schedule by class is linked below!


Please keep in mind that picture day is in no way mandatory (except for our DAC PAC Team Members, for all classes they are in), and there is no obligation to purchase photos. However, if you want to be pictured in the group photo that we hang on our studio walls for everyone to admire, and pictured with your group in our keepsake yearbook, you will need to be present. You can still be pictured in the group photo without purchasing, but individual photos will not be taken if you are not ordering.

Amanda Neeley (AMN Photography) is a dance photographer from Atlanta and Mrs. Cameron has used her for many years. As a dance teacher herself, Amanda is fantastic at capturing amazing dance poses and knows how to get the best out of young students! Her pictures are awesome! Because she is great at what she does, and our picture day moves very quickly, there are no parents allowed in the picture room to keep disruptions at a minimum. Our staff will make sure everything runs smoothly and the best possible photo of your student is taken. You can view Amanda’s work here:

Below are some important reminders for picture day:

– For PAC Team dancers, hair and makeup needs to be done as if you were performing the dance on stage.

– For all other dancers, hair and makeup is at your discretion, as long as hair is pulled back out of your dancer’s eyes (clipped back, half-up, ponytail, bun, braid, etc). Hairstyle and using makeup (or not) is up to your personal preferences. 

– PLEASE COME DRESSED IN THE COSTUME STATED ON THE TIME SCHEDULE FOR YOUR FIRST CLASS LISTED. Please wear the tights included with your costumes (if applicable). It will be shared space in Studio C ( in our annex location at Oak Ridge – that we will set up as the changing room), so coming ready to go is ideal.

– All photos are taken at the Oak Ridge Campus

– Class Assistants – please bring all black dancewear to take your assistant photo. Style of dancewear does not matter (black leotard or black tank/sports bra with black leggings, black shorts, etc.)

– Most classes will be here no longer than 20 minutes, so please try to get your dancer to use the restroom before leaving the house. With only one available restroom and a busy weekend, there could be a line at times.

– Children that have siblings or are in multiple classes might have a break between their picture times. We try to be as accommodating as we can with scheduling, and do our best to get everything close together, but it’s impossible to make the perfect schedule for everyone. Feel free to take your child home or to lunch and come back later if needed. You do not have to hang out between times, but children must be accompanied by an adult and cannot be dropped off at the studio alone unless they drive themselves to class.

– Please be on time for your scheduled photos. If your dancer is not on time, they will not be pictured in the group photo for their class. We cannot wait around because it will throw off our schedule for the whole day.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions!

Thanks so much!