We prefer that all students (even our youngest dancers) wear some makeup for stage. The bright lights can fade out features so we want to be able to see their beautiful faces! We do, of course, want them above all to still look like kids!


Hair can be worn however you would like, as long as it is secured back out of the face (unless you are a competitive team member – then it needs to be worn as you normally do for competitions for the duration of the show because of quick costume changes).



As a reminder: Age 2-3 Classes — pink ballet shoes, Age 3-4 & 5-6 Classes — pink ballet shoes & tan buckle tap shoes, Age 7+ Classes — pink ballet shoes, tan jazz shoes, black (slip on) tap shoes, Hippy Hop & Hip Hop — black “converse style” (does not have to be this brand) shoes with white soles (this is so the stage doesn’t get marked up), Cheer — white cheer sneakers, Tumble — barefoot.

*If you have a question about the shoes/style for your child’s class, please inquire at the front desk*



Everyone’s costume came with a pair of tan tights (with the exception of hip hop classes). Now’s the time to get any extra tights you may need for recital! It’s never a bad idea to keep an extra pair on hand incase you get a run on show day.

You can stop by the front desk if you would like to purchase an additional pair. Make sure you check what size you had in your costume bag. They come in size toddler, child small, child medium, child large, adult small, adult medium, adult large.

If you are in the Age 2 (Tutu Tots) dance class, or have a pair of pink ballet tights, you have footed tights.

All other classes have convertible tights.

Footed tights are $10 plus tax and convertible tights are $12 plus tax.

Stop by the front desk to purchase your extra tights!