—  DRESS REHEARSAL in COSTUME is the week of June 7-11 DURING REGULAR CLASS TIME at the dance studio location where you normally take class. Have your student come dressed in their costume that week (and bring all others they have for that specific class time). The classroom mirrors will be covered during this week as well so that students can get used to dancing without seeing themselves, and as they will for an audience. You do not need to worry about any specific hair or makeup for in-class dress rehearsal, we just need to make sure there aren’t any costume problems or malfunctions while dancing.
Dress Rehearsal week is usually also awards week where we invite parents in the last 5-10 minutes of classes to see a very short and informal awards ceremony. However, since we still have to stick to capacity guidlines in our facility and cannot have parents inside yet, we will instead be giving out awards at our recital shows since they are by class and shorter than usual this year. ALL students receive something during this time!
— Costumes will be given out in classes starting in May as they all finish arriving and are sorted.
— Reminder: The last day of regular classes for this season is Friday, June 11.